Use our business model and increase your earning potential

Become an owner of our West London City Lets franchise and let customers start coming to you for a change.

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Being an owner puts you incharge of the business.  You do not need to keep offices or premises.  We give you the step by step process in how you can maximise your earning potential.  

We provide the full training, equipment and even a starter B2B customer base for you to start your marketing. But we dont stop there, we'll even provide initial marketing support to help you out. We hold a database of around 5 Million potential customer clientele. 

Get Trained on how to use 3D software

1. MS office

2. Sketchup

3. Photoshop

Understand architectural layouts.

Offer lavish propertys to buy and let

Understanding the basics of franchising and your role

As a franchisee your role will be like an online estate agent however your services will go much more beyond a traditional broker. You will offer architectural solutions, international design services, HMO licencing assitance, change of use applications, extension, converstions and much more...

Don't worry,  we will show you where to advertise, how to make the most of what you know and how to make contracts and sale agreements. We will introduce you to our network of solictors, surveyors, architects and builders so you can offer a much larger service than just buying, renting and selling homes.

Undertand the concept of good book keeping. 

Get customers to come to you. Find out how to attract the right type of clients.  Retain the clients and then get repeat business.

Get instant rewards for work done.  Peace of mind satisfaction.